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What is Wavesbet?

Wavesbet is a modern and revolutionary online gaming platform that allows people to place bets using smart contracts 100% transparent and backed by blockchain technology, our main focus at Wavesbet is Fairness and Transparency. The whole setup is an inspiration from how sports betting sites have been enthralling the bettors worldwide. UK is making waves in sports betting and many of the brands that run the online sportsbooks are also present in UK. The Safe betting sites uk help bettors to wager from any part of the world and Soccer is attracting over £1 billion bets every year in the UK.
Our goal is to become the industry leader in online cryptocurrency gaming. All Wavesbet transactions are executed through our smart contracts on the Waves Network, this gives peace of mind to the players that use our  gaming platform, this ensures that all the data is fair and verifiable. Wavesbet is going to change this by making players play against each other so the house is not involved all we receive is a very small fee of the bet. Wavesbet will do everything legally and obtain a official online gaming license before the platform goes live.

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Protect yourself now and send all of your winnings to your own desktop wallet. How does this work?

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  • img Fill in the amount in % from your wins to be send to your desktop wallet
  • img Fill in how many days you want to lock your wins in your desktop wallet (14 days minimum)

The Future of WAVES online gaming

Wavesbet is aiming to be leading crypto gaming platform by bringing Fairness and Transparecy to our users.

Overall Gaming Statistics

In 2017 the online gaming industry in total had a size of 45 billion and It’s growing each and everyday. Statistics are telling us that if Crypto keeps on growing at this current rate by the year 2024 The Crypto Online gaming Market could easily double to 90 billion total market value. Crypto is getting widely adopted and regulation is around the corner, this is why illegal gaming website’s will be forbidden/banned and only the legal betting providers with official gaming license will continue to operate legally.
Market size in billion US dollars

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Road Map

2018 Q3
Idea and concept
2018 Q4
Contacting several official online betting license providers Gathering a team of high level developers
2019 January
Building landing page Start developing desktop wallet WINDOWS Starting developing platform
2019 February
Preparing socials
Creating full team
Start developing desktop wallet WINDOWS
Start developing desktop wallet IOS
2019 March
Whitepaper Release Token creation Landing Page Launch Exchange listing
2019 April
Account creation platform New exchange listing Working on CMC listing Looking back on our milestones / improvement Whitepaper release Launch demo
2019 May
Applying for Gaming License Official limited betting license Platform testing Desktop wallet testing
2019 June
Working on partnerships
Launch platform

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